We keep going on five categories of plan as below:

(1) International Research Projects

    Collaborative Technology Alliance (CTA)

    CTA is a transnational plan, is combine of the three countries and five schools.

    And Brain Research Center is awarded eighty million funding of five years from the U.S. government. We work on developing, creating and testing natural cognitive science. and the main object of study is investigating the decision-making ability of human behavior when  human under the Various forms of pressure and cognitive fatigue.

    International Research-Intensive Center of Excellence            

    The International Research-Intensive Center of Excellence (I-RiCE) on Advanced Bioengineering was established in response to the new initiative launched by the National Science Council(NSC) in 2010.

(2)  NSC Projects


     Depression is one of most prevalent diseases for almost 20% of prevalence. It is estimated that about 10-15% people of theworld are in Depression. Evidences also indicate that with relapse and recurrence of Depression in a patient caused worse and worse prognoses. In this project, we developed a wireless and portable EEG monitoring system with a novel foam sensor which can avoid the interference of the hair. Also, in cooperate with Taipei Veterans Genral Hospital helps the team to develop an expert system evaluating the efficiency of Depression therapy. A series of experiments are designed for the system performance authentication.


      The plan of long men(龍門計畫) is promoted by National Science Council. It work on nurturing young researchers to study in High-quality research institutions in abroad. Our center also contract with National Science Council. And the people who can get this allowance like graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and professors, then they could receive some funding for their research.

    ICU patients with symptom analysis and decision making

     This sub-project will measure the intensive care unit (ICU) of CAD and  depres-sion by special groups. All subjects in this study will be CAD or depression in patients.

(3)Ministry of Education Projects

    Aiming for the Top University and Elite Research Center Development Plan

     Aim for the Top University and Elite Research Center Development Plan, also known as the "fifty billion dollar in five year project", is a project funded by Ministry of education. 50 billion NTD will be fund in 5 years, in order to support the key universities and make them the leading education and research center in the world.Each university can use the fund in a more appropriate and effective fashion, in order to upgrade its basic infrastructure, targeted research and so on.

    Veterans General Hospitals University System of Taiwan

(4) Industry-university Cooperation Projects

(5)Calendar-year Research Projects  <more>