Chiao Tung University Brain Research Center is located in the 4th and 7th floors of Microelectronics and Information Systems Research Center (MIRC) and comprises 4 laboratories: Wrap-around Virtual Reality Dynamic Driving Laboratory, Physiological Signal Analysis Laboratory, Soundproof and Magnet-proof Static Cognitive-behavioral Laboratory as well as Biomedical Circuitry and IC Chip Design Laboratory. On the other hand, Eco-City Integrated Smart Living Technology Regional Center is located in the in the 4th and 7th floors of MIRC and consists of 2 offices and an approximately 4320-square-feet interactive physical display space.

Brain Research Center

◆Wrap-around Virtual Reality Dynamic Driving Laboratory

     Innovated by this laboratory, Virtual Reality Car-Driving simulation platform utilizes 7 projectors to project 3D wrap-around scene, which gives drivers full-scene visual stimulation and provides an environment for safe dynamic driving. It is also used to conduct researches related to driving behavior, and risks that may be encountered in an actual road-driving can be avoided by utilizing 3D wrap-around scene and 6-axis dynamic platform to simulate the situation of real driving based on the experimental purposes. Moreover, the disadvantage that static laboratories lack dynamic simulation is also overcome in this case.

Physiological Signal Analysis Lab

     In this laboratory are multiple physiological signal analyzers, physiological signal storage devices and desktop computers, which are capable of handing large amount of experimental data simultaneously and provide students an environment for research and discussion.

◆ Soundproof and Magnetic Proof Static Cognitive Behavioral Lab

     Static Laboratory, equipped with soundproof and magnet-proof systems, can offer an adequate environment to conduct brainwave research experiments. There are 3 computers inside, respectively responsible for experimental scene, brainwave capture and experiment-monitoring. There are also 3D positioning system and force feedback auxiliary for difference experimental requirements.

Biomedical circuit system & IC chip design Lab

   It contains equipments such as computers, oscilloscopes, waveform generators power supplies and etc, and is responsible for the development of systems and IC chips, which will be further integrated with brainwave experiments, in order to apply the research results in regular display.

 Eco-City Integrated Smart Living Technology Regional Center

     Based on the concept of situational event-driven, a virtual life technology-experiencing platform has been constructed and includes 4 spaces: house, gym, office and car. Integrated with Space Design and Innovation Technology, it is designed in a flexible manner by taking 52 technologies as paragon.